2014 Photo Contest Winners

A photograph has the ability to capture a single moment, yet is attached to infinite memories. Each year, Cross Cultural Journeys holds a photo contest titled “Share Your Journey”. Not only do we want to honor our travelers and the countries they visit, we also want to ignite others to seek out the people and cultures in other lands.

2013 saw breathtaking photos from many of our travelers. Here are our personal favorites…

©All photos are property of CCJ, CCJF and the individual travelers.

DSC_9484Grand Prize, photo by BOB MORECOCK, November 2013

Cuba-361Honorable Mention, photo by DONALD TRAEGER, December 2013

Barbara CarlsonHonorable Mention, photo by BARBARA CARLSON, November 2013


Honorable Mention, photo by ALICE RICH, November 2013

03A Morti-US-Finger-001Honorable Mention, photo by STEVE SUSOYEV, October 2013

Michael SchurHonorable Mention, photo by MICHAEL SCHUR, October 2013

Laurie Schur-001Honorable Mention, photo by LAURIE SCHUR, October 2013

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