• Cross Cultural Journeys now offers the possibility to customize your own privately organized trip to a specific destination.
    Build Your Own Journey: Cross Cultural Journeys now offers the possibility to customize your own privately organized trip to a specific destination.

For people interested in our planet and connections to the humans living on it.

Cross Cultural Journeys provides socially and environmentally responsible travel experiences for individuals and organizations interested in global awareness, indigenous wisdoms and societies at the crossroads.

Cross Cultural Journeys and Cross Cultural Journeys Foundation - a partnership for a more sustainable way of traveling

Whether you book yourself on one of our open enrollment trips, or book a private journey for your party of 5 or more, Cross Cultural Journeys allocates a percentage (depending on trip cost and size of group) to our sister nonprofit, the Cross Cultural Journeys Foundation.

All of the global projects CCJF sponsors either have a social justice component - typically focusing on youth education - and/or focus on sustainability efforts that help mitigate climate change and its impacts on the planet and its people. Common for all such projects is that they are started and run by local people who live there. They know their needs and we support them in achieving their goals.

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Wild Highlands
Edinburgh, Applecross Peninsula & the Isle of Skye
August 18 - 27, 2022

Join us on a journey into the beating heart of Scottish culture and a unique encounter with the soul of the wild highlands. Travel from the Edinburgh Festival to our ‘highland home’ at Eagle Rock – an award-winning, eco-luxury lodge situated in the small village and six thousand year old Sanctuary of Applecross. Day trip to the magical Isle of Skye, with its green-blue Fairy Pools, and castles drenched in historical drama. And of course a whisky distillery tour, and endless views of hills and lochs that will take your breath away!

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CUBA: Resiliency through the Decades
November 10 - 18, 2022

Optional 3-night Viñales Valley Extension, November 18-22

Leap back in time to the remote, mountain-bound Baracoa, where Columbus first spotted Cuba and claimed it for the Spanish crown; visit the lonely train wreck where Che Guevara and his men blew up and broke the back of Batista’s defenses. In Havana, we visit artists and photographers in their studios and get a private guided tour of the Museum of Fine Arts, home of one of the most exquisite collections in Latin America. We learn about the past decade’s political and cultural changes to the Cuban economy, and and how the loosening of the US economic embargo during the Obama years led to an economic and cultural boom that lasted for only three years. The extended journey takes us to the less frequented lush Western part of Cuba, where tobacco and pineapple farms compete with stunning green hills in the dreamy landscape of Viñales Valley.

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CUBA: Balancing Yin & Yang, Restorative Retreat

January 29 - February 6, 2023
Havana, Viñales Valley & Boca Ciega
9 days, 8 nights

CUBA: Balancing YIN and YANG is a Restorative Retreat of a different kind! This intercultural learning experience and “all-levels-welcome” journey features a delicious mix of gentle yoga and a deep immersion into the heart of the Cuban culture. We will begin each day with a gentle yoga class taught by Kristy Tonti, to open our hearts, minds and bodies for the cultural experiences of the day. Our cultural immersion is guided by our man in Havana, Jesus Noguera.

We will wander the streets of Havana and Viñales, meet with Cubans in their kitchens over a strong, sweet cup of Cuban coffee, where we will learn about the recent political and cultural changes to the Cuban economy. We will get an insider's understanding of the ups and downs of how a 60 year US-embargo as well as the Castro-regime have impacted their lives in direct and indirect ways.

We will travel to the less frequented lush Western part of Cuba, where tobacco and pineapple farms compete with stunning green hills in the dreamy landscape of Viñales Valley; to the eco-community of Las Terrazas, and finally to the Northern white beaches of Boca Ciega.

CUBA: Balancing YIN and YANG, Restorative Retreat  is run through the United States government OFAC general travel category Support for the Cuban People.


ECONOMY: $1,995 (multiple occupancy)
ECONOMY PLUS: $2,495 (double / triple occupancy)
STANDARD DOUBLE: $ 2,795 (double occupancy)


DEPOSIT: $500 (call our office to book: 1-800-353-2276)
(online registration coming soon)

Need help with booking?
For questions about our open enrollment departures, available discount packages and / or to pay your deposit via phone, please call our office at 1(800) 353-2276; or email us at travel@crossculturaljourneys.com.

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CUBA: Havana Jazz Festival
Havana, Matanzas

January 22 - 29, 2023

Experience the 2022 Havana Jazz Festival! Held annually since 1979, the festival is a six-day feast of spellbinding performances by some of the best musicians in the world. Meet local musicians and artists as you take in the historical and cultural wonders of Havana, Cuba's gritty, bustling capital. Visit Matanzas, the nearby port city known as the birthplace of the Rumba and Danzón. You’ll fall in love with elegant, exuberant Havana: its friendly residents, contemporary artists, exceptional architecture, music, and colorful outdoor markets. It will surprise you with its richness and depth of culture. Enjoy music and dance everywhere as an expression of the soul of the Cuban people. Mingle with renowned musicians at local performances as you meet people who welcome visitors with friendly smiles, laughter and conversation.

Women only retreats


Dancing at the Edge
A Women's Retreat for Embracing Life

Day of the Dead
Todos Santos, Baja California Sur
October 30- November 5, 2022

If you are a woman, over 18 years of age, who is yearning to live more fully, who knows that there can be more magic in life, who longs for a deep dive into her inner knowing, and who is ready for a wonderful adventure in a beautiful place with a supportive community…this retreat is for you!

Imagine the vivid color and pageantry of Mexico during the Day of the Dead celebration. Take in the sweet smell of flowers mingled the deliciousness of chile and corn wafting down the colorful streets, teeming with street art and the music of celebration.

It is the biggest holiday in Mexico and is celebrated fully with altars, flowers, parades, and of course food.  The Day of the Dead, Nov 2, celebrates the period of time around Halloween, when the “veil between the worlds” is thin. Mexico is known for an awareness of the unseen world- think magic realism, curanderismo (the indigenous healing arts), the ancient ruins, and the images and icons of a culture which mixes Christianity with indigenous religion.


Paddle in Paradise
Mayan Wisdom and Ocean Magic

December 1-11 2022

A Journey of Empowerment, Adventure, and Connection
If you are a woman who wants to travel outside the comfort zone of the ordinary and experience a meaningful adventure of intense beauty, amazing activities, and fabulous people that will feed her very soul…this trip is for you!

Play like a child at the water’s edge, your eyes resting on the restorative beauty.  Practice yoga and on the beach and feel yourself relax and let go completely, far from the demands of civilization, in a simple place where there is only nature nurturing your wild soul.  Be present and listen as the peaceful sounds of nature remind you of you who are.  Celebrate new possibilities with ritual, laughter, creativity, and all the sensual delights of a remote paradise.

Not a group traveler? Not a problem.
If you prefer to schedule a private departure for you and your travel party, please begin by filling out our "Build Your Own Journey" questionnaire. A CCJ travel expert will be back in touch with you soon!


MOROCCO: Classic Odyssey
Casablanca, Rabat, Fes, Dades Valley, Marrakesh & Essaouira

September 24 - October 5, 2022
call to make these dates your private departure: 1 (800) 353-2276

May 18 - 30, 2023

Join CCJ on a "flying carpet" adventure across Morocco. One of the most diverse African countries, Morocco is home to majestic high mountains, sweeping desert dunes, rugged and fertile coastline, and labyrinthine alleyways in historic medina cities and open air markets.


INDIA: Spiritual Pilgrimage

Kerala, Delhi, Rishikesh, Varanasi, Mansurpur
March 5 - 22, 2023

Join  India native and yoga master Pradeep Teotia us in the wonderful, mystical and deeply spiritual Motherland of India, or "Hindistan", once her original, indigenous name. This seventeen-day adventure from Kerala’s South beaches to the Himalayan foothills of Rishikesh - the birthplace of yoga - in the North. More a cultural and spiritual deep dive than a yoga retreat, we will be exploring the roots of Ayurvedic medicine, yoga, breath and meditation. We will also learn about the various spiritual belief systems of different traditional communities in the North. In this deeply intercultural exploration, we will also have a chance to contemplate how our Western perceptions - old and new – impact how we show up in this lifetime; in our own bodies and in this universe that connects us all.

Cross Cultural Journeys and COVID-19

Cross Cultural Journeys is carefully monitoring the worldwide pandemic, and travel only to places when and where it has been deemed safe to do so. We will adhere to all entry requirements of your destination country; as well as re-entry requirements back into the United States. We will follow all local rules and regulations in the destination location for mask wearing; indoor vs. outdoor activities; social distancing; crowd regulations; etc.

For anybody joining Cross Cultural Journeys open enrollment trips and journeys in 2022 and 2023; for your own and the safety of your co-travelers, but most importantly for the safety of those we meet in the locations we visit, CCJ will require that you at the time of departure can show a negative PCR test taken no later than 48 hours prior to departure. We also ask that you please show proof of full COVID vaccination. If you for medical or other reasons are unable to get vaccinated, please contact CCJ directly to discuss your options. Some countries require the proof of vaccination to enter. We will also kindly ask that you bring a well fitted facial mask and un-scented hand-sanitizer.

We will update this information box as restrictions change worldwide.

To review how the COVID situation is developing in each of our destinations, please follow the WHO Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Dashboard.

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