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About CCJ

Cross Cultural Journeys (CCJ) and our foundation, Cross Cultural Journey Foundation (CCJF) travel  to more than 25 destinations worldwide and welcomes the chance to take you on an incredible journey.

Our team of travel experts is passionate about helping to create transformative and personal experiences that will last a lifetime. We explore the art, history and music of the contemporary and indigenous cultures that we visit. We spend time with the local people, experience the natural beauty, learn about social justice, the health of the environment and the practices of the land. We also take time to understand the underlying cultural values, beliefs and norms that drive the behaviors we see and experience.

Some awareness of our own culture is the key to begin to understand another person, their country and their cultural behaviors. Therefore, our journeys always include moments of self-reflection, to help each traveler better understand how our own cultural biases and values shape our basic assumptions of reality.

We also offer the possibility to customize journeys with a specific purpose of enhancing intercultural/interpersonal and transformational connections. For carefully selected destinations and itineraries, CCJ and CCJF invites teachers, experts, facilitators, body workers and trainers amongst many others to create learning journeys that also take a deeper journey inside ourselves – from the head to the heart, body, mind and spirit.

CCJ and CCJF hold years of experience and can organize transformative journeys in the following destinations: Cuba, Argentina, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Iran, China, Japan, India, Bhutan, Kashmir, Ladakh, Brazil, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Nepal, Tibet, France, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Scandinavia, Italy, Morocco, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Botswana, Ethiopia, Uganda, Scotland and South Africa as well as many other destinations around the globe.

Socially responsible travel for individuals and member organizations interested in global awareness, indigenous wisdoms and societies at the crossroads.

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