Private Journeys: A Personalized Transformative Experience

Testimonial from Billy Puckett and Rita Pierce

“What gets us in trouble is not what we don’t know, it’s what we know for sure that just ain’t so.”
— Mark Twain
On my 8 trips to Cuba over the past two years, I have observed an interesting phenomena when travelers get to experience Cuba and the Cuban people up close for the very first time. Something extraordinary happens when the visitors sometimes realize that the story they have been told over and over all those years was – at best – incomplete. Visitors are finally able to see the difference between fact or fiction and a personal or political point of view. When you personally meet and interact with people from a different culture, who hold different values and world views, you realize that what you have assumed does not tell the whole story. 
During a cross-cultural exchange, travelers trade smiles and laughter. New friendships are formed. Preconceived stereotypes dissipate, shoulders relax and even your chakras line up. The sojourner is forever changed, because an incomplete version of a story is changed, and replaced with an inner sense of peace and calm. A preconceived notion is replaced with a personal truth and lived experience.

Testimonial from Keven Lisa Campbell

I want to thank Billy, Rita and Keven for sharing their truths with us, from their hearts to ours, about what Cuba and the Cubans meant to them. These testimonials were filmed after a customized Music and Photography journey with Blues musician Taj Mahal, and photographer Linda Wolf in November of 2016. A journey we will never forget! Come back soon friends!
If you are interested in finding your own truths about Cuba – or any of our other destinations – please let us help plan your private journey!
Cilla Utne
President, Cross Cultural Journeys

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