A journey begins the moment you decide to go.

- Carole Angermeier, Cross Cultural Journeys Founder & Board Member of Cross Cultural Journeys Foundation

The trip of a lifetime, no kidding!

I got more from Iran in two weeks than I can digest in 2 years!

- Ruth, Iran 2016

We were very, very well taken care of

- Keven Lisa, Cuba 2016

The relationships I formed

…with the people we were traveling with and the people we met along the journey really left an impression on me.

- Andrea, Cuba 2016

Nothing short of a once in a lifetime journey!

Having traveled with Cross Cultural Journeys in the past, I am always drawn to the trip announcements they send via email.  Last spring I was searching for a summer journey and CCJ’s trip to the “Mystical” Outer Hebrides leapt off my screen and I signed up.  I had never traveled to Scotland and from the first moment I landed in Glasgow, I fell in love with the landscape, the people, the history and the art.  Over the next 12 days we explored rocky beaches and fields of wildflowers and heather, heard the poems of Robert Burns sung at a Celtic music festival, encountered 12th Century Chessmen, Standing Stones as old as Stonehenge, saw Harris tweed being woven in a small workshop in a person’s home, saw the largest flock of puffins in the world and had pod of Orca swim home with us from St. Kilda.  Combine these adventures with great new friends, food and a bit of Scotch (we sample a few) and it was nothing short of a once in a lifetime journey!

- Robert, Scotland 2016

I loved our trip to Cuba

…it was everything I didn’t expect and more than I could have imagined. I particularly loved the fluid way everything worked out – The trip was well organized yet organic; planned yet spontaneous. Just the way I like it!

- Linda, Cuba 2016

Expanded and deepened my awareness

…of issues around global warming. Made them ‘alive’ for me.

- Lynn, Ethiopia 2014

Renewed perspective of the world around me

Each time I set out to explore a new country I leave believing it can’t get any better than the one I had experienced previously. Peru does this to you with its abundant beauty. The benefit of this way of thinking is that I move forward with each adventure free of expectation. Yet, what I have learned, is that each adventure offers me something unique –one is not ‘better’ than the other. Each has its own flavor, memorable connections, challenges, and gifts, and each leaves me with a renewed perspective of the world around me.

- Gretchen

This trip was the most interesting and illuminating

…both intellectually and spiritually, that I have ever experienced.  I viewed this trip as a spiritual trip-the food, culture, and cosmic world view, and the beauty of the country all added to the spiritual experience.

- Denise, Bali 2014

We still have fond memories

…of our wonderful adventures in the Outer Hebrides with an amazing knowledgeable guide. Once you are there you sense what a mystical place it is; the air is unlike any other area. There were many highlights, especially meeting local people for long talks about life there, but the best one was spending time in Lewis with the 5000+ year old stones at Callinish. Going to St. Kilda and seeing all the wildlife was an added treat.

- Sally, Scotland 2016

This is a trip of a lifetime!

It shattered many stereotypes we had about the people, politics, and way of life in Iran.

- Jean, Iran 2016

Extremely thoughtful and engaging

…way to experience this unique country. In addition, this was our first time traveling with a group and having so many wonderful people to share these exhilarating experiences, made it even better.

- Craig and Lynn

Cuba is a restless dream, with a sweet soul.

- Billy & Rita, Cuba 2016

I can’t stop thinking about Cuba.

I find myself thinking about Cuba all the time and I keep telling people that.

- Patty, Cuba 2017