The Cuban Vaccine – the answer to vaccine hesitancy?

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The Cuban Vaccine – the answer to vaccine hesitancy?

Only an hour flight from the shores of Florida, Cuba is, and will continue to be one of CCJ’s main destinations!

Cuba had a rough time through the lockdown, but there is now great news coming out of Havana! The Cuban population is now over 90% vaccinated, including most children over the age of 2. Regarding the efficacy of the Cuban made vaccine Abdala – that is being distributed in many other Latin American countries – Kim Iversen of The Hill reported last week that “it’s unlikely to ever be offered here in the United States, but is making some serious impacts around the world. Compared to many other vaccines in the market, Iversen continues, “its’ efficacy is very, very high. What makes it unique, rather than focus on the spike protein, like many other vaccines, it focuses on the part of the virus that binds it to the cells. Because the spike protein tends to mutate, it could turn out that the Cubans have a vaccine that will stand the test of time and variants”.  The success story of their vaccine, combined with the usual strict entry requirements, Cuba may very well be one of the safest international destinations to visit right now.
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Not surprisingly, CCJ has been approached by some unvaccinated travelers about the possibility of going to Cuba to get jabbed. If you are a world traveler who up until now have chosen not to get vaccinated for personal reasons, or not trusting the more mainstream vaccines in the market, and you feel drawn to taking a trip to Cuba to combine your vacation with getting inoculated, please contact our office to discuss how we may be able to help. While we want to make sure all travelers are safe, we do not judge. That would go agains the very core of the values of Cross Cultural Journeys. We like to build bridges where they seem to be breaking down.

If you are interested in hearing the full story about the Cuban vaccine and its’ efficacy, here is a good overview of the various vaccines around the world. About 4 minutes in, there is a report on the Cuban vaccine.

Since 1998, Cross Cultural Journeys has offered legal cultural experiences for US-Americans interested in Cuba, its’ vibrant, colorful culture and its’ resilient people.
CCJ is taking a small group to the Havana Jazz Festival January 17-24. In a normal year, registration for this journey would already be closed, but because I will be leading this journey, and also due to one cancellation, we have ONE double room left in our Havana colonial apartment. And a 1948 Dodge stretch limo reserved as our wheels! The journey is administered legally under the OFAC category “Support for the Cuban People”. If you are interested in this spot for yourself and a loved one, please call our office to make arrangements: 1-800-263-4533.

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