Travelers Testimonials 2

Travelers Testimonials

“A journey begins the moment you decide to go.” Carole Angermeier, Founder & Board of Cross Cultural Journeys





“One of the best travel experiences of my life.” –Steve Susoyev, Cuba 2013

“The trip provided an opportunity to engage the people at a level we have not experienced on many of our trips”–Barbara Williams, Cuba 2008




“Magnificence of people and scenery. Fascinating mix of cultures. It makes you aware of the bridge between East and West.”–Penne Poole, Iran 2014

“We indeed had numerous opportunity to authentically commune with the local people.” –Kathy Bradley, Iran 2014



“The relationships I formed with the people we were traveling with and the people we met along the journey really left an impression on me.”–Andrea Tolliver, Bali 2015
“This trip was the most interesting and illuminating, both intellectually and spiritually, that I have ever experienced…I viewed this trip as a spiritual trip-the food, culture, and cosmic world view, and the beauty of the country all added to the spiritual experience.” Denise, Bali 2014



“Mind expanding, powerful” –Lynn Henderson Ethiopia 2014
“Expanded and deepened my awareness of issues around global warming. Made them ‘alive’ for me.–Lynn Henderson, Ethiopia 2014

 “Each time I set out to explore a new country I leave believing it can’t get any better than the one I had experienced previously. Peru does this to you with its abundant beauty. The benefit of this way of thinking is that I move forward with each adventure free of expectation. Yet, what I have learned, is that each adventure offers me something unique –one is not ‘better’ than the other. Each has its own flavor, memorable connections, challenges, and gifts, and each leaves me with a renewed perspective of the world around me.” — Gretchen Wolf, CCJ Staff

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